“Enabling the rising generation, by way of quality education!”

so to become productive, socially competent, problem solvers, Developing well -rounded personalities with humane characters.

Our mission

Promoting quality education by emphasizing on the creation of knowledgeable, skillful and efficient visionary citizen and prepare them for higher education institutions.

Our Values

The values are guided by regulations and values guided every individual’s interest.Values are improved through education and regular observation.To exercise an administration of efficient techniques, our school (the University of Gondar Community School) has selected the following working strategies and values.

Distribute powers and responsibilities,Make a comparable association between power and responsibilities.,Discipline and ethics,Hierarchical communication,Correctness,Friendly relationship among staffs,Motivating and promoting the staff,Activating work interest,Accountability,Control,Confidence development through experience,Boost the tradition of working with others,Appreciate physical exercise and be part of the club,Appreciate international language use,Respect the custom and tradition of the community

Our Vision

To see knowledgeable, skillful and versatile visionary citizens.

What We Do

Education is crucial in society in order to produce skilled manpower, transmit knowledge, enrich the culture and elevate the scientific outlook of the society. It also essential for the development of science and technology and to develop innovative ideas which is basic to resolve the social, economic and political problems of the society.

Taking this into consideration, the contribution of teachers is indispensable in the building up of the knowledgeable, skillful and a visionary young generation that could play a major role in the modernization of the country. Based on this, the former Haile Selassie I comprehensive school, now called Fasiledes Preparatory School at most play a major role by giving quality education and preparing students who would join the university. Therefore in order to attain in the school vision. I kindly request we stakeholders to actively participate and make their own contribution.